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Can you distinguish moles from melanoma? Learn how with this new online tool!

The National Institute of Health launched an online tool designed to help people distinguish moles from melanoma. The resource entitled, Moles to Melanoma: Recognizing the ABCDE Features, is intended to help educate the public about the appearance and features of common moles, atypical moles and melanoma.

The clinical photographs come from the National Cancer Institute’s Familial Melanoma Study. There are photographs of 29 different pigmented skin lesions collected from study participants over a forty-year period. Patient photos are shown over time, including illustrations of small moles that develop into melanoma. Dr. Margaret Tucker, the study chair and developer of the online tutorial, said that this tool would help people to distinguish normal changes in pigmented lesions from malignant changes requiring medical attention.

This is something for health professionals, patients, and the general public to use and learn about the clinical course of melanoma. Please check out

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