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SunAWARE Curriculum (K-12) Our SunAWARE school curriculum is based on these five action steps; Avoid unprotected UV exposure and never indoor tan, Wear sun protection clothing, NJ 3 5Apply adequate amounts of SPF 30+ sunscreen, Routinely examine your skin for changes, and Educate others.  In my experience, SunAWARE is the only acronym that incorporates both sun protection and skin cancer detection components. In 2011, we aligned our SunAWARE curriculum with the Massachuestts educational frameworks and standards. There are four discrete academic levels: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The lesson plans, evaluation tools, and additional resources, including free  SunAWARE children's books are now available online at We are gratified that the Dermatology Nurses' Association and Montana's Division of Cancer Prevention have endorsed our curriculum to implement in their communities. We prevent skin cancer one child at a time by providing our curriculum and resources to anyone and everyone worldwide.  There is no permission, no charge, no subscription, no password needed.

The SunAWARE curriculum is easily replicated and adapted to almost any educational setting anywhere. The four objectives are to provide children with a better understanding of the factors that affect ultraviolet radiation and skin sensitivity, as well as proper sun protection, and skin cancer recognition. Each lesson includes clear goals and objectives, lesson sequence, supporting materials, special needs adaptations, extensions, co-curricular links, teacher resources, and evaluation materials.  Additional resources include a  UV bracelet craft kits and UV bracelets for purchase. Skin analyzers can be shipped to your community for use in programs.  For more information contact the foundation via email or phone.








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