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The Skin Cancer Foundation says “Its never too early to teach your children about sun protection. They’ll learn from your example, so be their role model, and just like they remind you to buckle up in the car, they’ll never let you forget to cover up in the sun.”

We believe this is true and suggest that you keep the five easy action steps of SunAWARE posted in the kitchen or near the door. It will remind you of the different methods employed to foster UV protection and ensure good health.

Children as young as age four can be taught to check their skin. Scott Naughton, author of “What Are These Spots On My Skin” has provided a wonderfully illustrated book for very young children that teaches how to perform a body check and how to recognize unusual or changing moles and freckles. “Prom Prep 101”, by Mary Barrow and Maryellen Maguire-Eisen (ages 8-12) not only talks about the hazards of indoor tanning but also reinforces the importance of protecting your skin from natural light. “Wiseheart Saves the Dawn”, by Jane Shanny (Ages 8-12) tells the story of a curious and courageous boy from the Cahto Indian tribe. As he dares to confront his tribe's dark secret, he makes a remarkable discovery. This story has been adapted from traditional tales and is designed to teach a very important lesson—sun protection. Electronic books are available for free on Kindle and IBook through links on our website at

If you search “sun safety games for children” you will find many links to educational games and activities that are fun and informative. For example, check out the sun safety relay game available at:
Or access fun, educational games and coloring pages with the Spot Children’s Outreach Toolkit found on the American Academy of Dermatology website,

Our children are curious and ready to learn about sun safety even at very young ages. Provide them with child-friendly lessons about taking care of their skin and teach them to avoid unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays. For more information about our SunAWARE Children’s Program, explore our website and download our curriculum.



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