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UV IndexWe just learned about something called, the UV Index! UV stands for ultraviolet. The UV Index is a scale that tells you how strong the UV rays will be for a day, so you know how much sun protection you will need and what to wear. It is based on a scale of 1 – 11+. Most people think that the UV is high when the temperature is high. That is true but kids need to know that UV can be just as high in April when it is fifty degrees as in August when it is 100 degrees. The only way you can really know how strong the UV intensity is would be by using a UV meter or checking the UV Index. An index of 11 is considered “extreme” and it doesn’t matter what the temperature is. It just means that you have a really high chance of getting a sunburn. An index of 1 would be a very, very low chance of getting as sunburn. By knowing the UV index for the day, you know how much protection you will need; like what to wear and how much sunscreen you will need. The UV Index will be different depending on where you live in the world. So if you want to know what the UV Index will be for where YOU live, you can find it in lots of places. An easy way is to search online. A good website is The UV Awareness Website. It’s pretty cool- you just need to type in your zip code. You can also hear it on TV or the radio in the weather report. You can also find it in your newspaper.
Hayden and I came up with our own UV it is:
EXPOSURE                                           INDEX NUMBER                                                               SUN PROTECTION MESSAGE
Low                                                                           1-2                                                                               Grab hat and you are ready to go
Moderate                                                               3-5                                                                               It’s hot
High                                                                          6-7                                                                                Let’s find a pool
Very                                                                          8-10                                                                             Sizzling: I’m feeling like bacon
Extreme                                                                 11+                                                                               STAY INSIDE AND PLAY A GAME!!



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