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My family and I were at an amusement park yesterday; it was really hot out, and really bright! It was kind of hard to see. Anyways, my mom offered to buy me some sunglasses because she must have seen Hayden with sunglasses up closeme squinting. The store actually had some pretty cool pairs...and since my mom was offering to buy them, I figured why not? So, I chose a pair of black ones that had the lenses that when you look at them, they change colors, but what was really important was the little sticker that was on the lens. That sticker said they were 100% UVA and UVB blocking. [Basically, that means that they block the damaging suns’ rays that can harm your eyes]. It’s really important that when choosing sunglasses, that you choose ones that block both UVA and UVB rays (look for a sticker or some sort of tag on them... if they don’t have one, don’t get them). Sunglasses that cover the entire eye are best because they cover the sides too...they are called “wraparound sunglasses”, (those are the kind I’m wearing).

So, if your mom or someone else ever offers to buy you sunglasses, GET THEM, not only will you look cool, but your eyes will be protected!



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