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Here are some comments from children & adults regarding their impression of our SunAWARE for Life Program.Sunscreen thank you 1

"I never wear sunscreen. I only wear a hat. I never try to tan so I guess I do some things right.
Mike R, Grade 10

"Thank you for teaching us to be SunAWARE. I didn’t know that tans are bad for your skin. I will always wear a hat and put on sunscreen."
Connor, Grade 5

"Last year when you brought the camera to school my skin looked really bad. I have tried to protect it more and I think it looks better this year."
Ava L., Grade 7

"My sister is my best friend and after watching Glenna's Gift I have to tell her never to go to the tanning salon ever again."
Alison N, 11th Grade

"I really had a fun time in your class and l really liked the Frisbee. Thanks for coming to my school."
Patrick L. Grade 3

"This information was all new to me. I never knew that sunburns could cause cancer later in life or how much sunscreen to wear."
Steven,7th Grade

"Thank you for teaching us how much sunscreen we need to apply and that it is easier to get a sunburn in May than August!"
Ellen M., 5th grade

"I really enjoyed the UV camera because I never knew that I had that much sun damage. The sunscreen demonstration was interesting too!"
Sean R. - 11th grade

"Thank you for coming to our class and teaching us about what the sun can do to us. I never knew how much damage one little sunburn can do to our body. When I got my picture taken, there were freckles all over my nose and under my eyes. This summer I'm going to put extra sunscreen on. I never have and never will go to a tanning salon after I heard what it could do to my body! Thank you so much!!!"
Libby G., 6th Grade

"I learned a lot from your speech. I did not even know there was a skin cancer called melanoma. I also never knew it grew in moles. I also thought freckles you were born with not from staying in the sun too long. I never use enough sun screen. Now I know a handful is the right amount. I am also never going to a tanning parlor ever. I will now be on the alert for any changing moles. I will inform my family and friends."
Scott H., 5th Grade

"Thank you so much for teaching our class about sun safety. I found that melanoma can start out as a simple mole very interesting. I also didn’t know that people with blue eyes are more prone to getting sunburns. From now on I won't give my mom a hard time about putting on sunscreen."
Julia P., 4th Grade

"Now I know how to keep my skin safe. I know what type of sunglasses and sunscreen to wear. I will tell my family how not to get sun burn."
Danielle W. - Third Grade

"Thank you so very much for coming into our class and talking to us about sun damage and skin cancer. This was the best health class I had all year."
John K. - 8th Grade 

"I learned many new things about the sun and how people get skin cancer. An interesting fact that I learned was that UV rays reflect off snow and sand."
Christelle, Grade 9

"I really liked putting sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses on Matilda."
Alex L. - Kindergarten

"Thank you so much for coming to our school to talk to us. I learned so much! Like, you need to wear 1 ounce of sunscreen and reapply every two hours. It was very interesting and cool to see our pictures with the freckles. The Frisbee was very cool to see it change colors in the sunlight."
Olivia S, Grade 4

"Thank you for the grand presentation! I learned that you can get freckles and moles from the sun. I also learned that African Americans burn much less than whites."
Cory. K. - Second Grade

"Thank you for giving us the presentation on sun safety. I learned so much! I can't believe how much sunscreen you have to apply every two hours. I also learned that we all have lots of freckles and moles."
Chris C. - Second Grade

"Thank you fro coming in and talking to us about the dangers of the sun. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures from your special camera that showed our freckles. It was interesting to learn how different skin types are affected by the sun. It was interesting to learn about the science of the weather, and what UV was. Overall it was very interesting!"
Kerry K. - Fourth Grade

"Thank you so much for taking the time to come visit us in my school. My favorite fact that you taught us was how much sunscreen you should use. My family goes through only one bottle of sunscreen per year! Wrong."
Ainsley F. - Third Grade

"I thought you only had to wear sunscreen on hot days. I need to start wearing more sunscreen!"
Gretchen, Grade 6

"Now I know it doesn’t matter what color skin you have, you still need to protect it."
Abby, Grade 4

"I learned a lot of things today like protecting my skin with sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat."
Caitlin, Grade 2



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