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One million taught, laws changed, lives saved

● Developed an award winning SunAWARE For Life Program that has been delivered by highly trained educators to over one million children and adults in schools and the community.
● Collaborated with Boston University to conduct outcome research that showed a one-hour SunAWARE lesson reduced sunburn incidence among adolescents (Journal of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association, 2009).
● Taught thousands of health professionals, teachers, parents, coaches, recreational staff, and others about the importance of sun protection and skin cancer prevention for children.
● SunAWARE National Curriculum and Community Initiative Developed. 
● Award winning SunAWARE children’s books published in hard copy and electronic format with accompanying lesson plans.

● Hired a dedicated Advocacy Coordinator to develop and implement an annual advocacy plan.
● Successfully partnered with local and national organizations and public health experts in Massachusetts to advocate for an indoor tanning ban for minors, signed into law by Governor Baker in 2016.
● Introduced SUNucate legislation to allow children to bring sunscreen to school and camps.
● Active participation in initiatives such as Melanoma Monday®, Congressional Skin Cancer Screening and Health Fairs on Capitol Hill, and the annual Legislative Conference in collaboration with the Dermatology Nurses’ Association (DNA) and the Coalition of Skin Diseases (CSD).
● Continued proactive collaboration with bill work in progress here and any other advocacy impact (e.g., hiring a dedicated resource to focus energy in this area, etc demonstrates a commitment to increasing influence). 

● Social media campaign strives to deliver quality and original content to raise awareness about sun protection and skin cancer prevention.
● Posts are designed to engage the young adult community through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
● Social media reaches 650,000 individuals annually at a cost of $0.02 per person.



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