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COVID 19 Announcement

Dear CMPF Friends and Supporters,

The Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation was established based on the principle that mindful prevention and awareness saves lives. With prevention as our basis for existence, the concept of social distancing during this global pandemic resonates with us. We would like to assure you that our work is continuing, but with the utmost care and attention given to the health and safety of our community.

All of our work and meetings are being conducted using the phone and video technology until further notice. Our major fundraiser has been postponed from its original date in April to October 18. Classroom visits and all other in-person activities are on hold until we can resume safely.

In the meantime, our dedication to our mission continues. We have been busy putting the finishing touches on several new video tools that are now ready for distribution. We are continuing to distribute our materials using technology. We continue to build relationships with schools and supporters.

We encourage you to get outside (but, don’t go far!), and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Remember to always stay safe and SunAWARE, and please be in touch. As always, your support means the world to us.

Maryellen Maguire Eisen


Skin Cancer Facts
o Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US and one American dies from it every 45 minutes. (ACS, 2020)
o Deaths from melanoma are declining due to new therapies but still account for 60% of skin cancer deaths. (ACS, 2020)
o 72% of melanomas in children are found in girls between the ages of 15 to19. (Maguire-Eisen, 2016)
o Skin cancer is most commonly caused by overexposure to UV rays, either from the sun or indoor tanning devices. (CDC, 2018)
o 50% of children sunburn annually. (CDC, 2019)
o Sunburns in childhood are associated with melanoma in adulthood. (Tsao, 2007)

o CMPF is a 510 C (3) non-profit foundation started in 2003 by Maryellen Maguire-Eisen, an oncology and dermatology nurse.
o Mission: to prevent skin cancer one child at a time through education and advocacy.
o Board consists of specialists in healthcare, business, communication and technology.
o There are 5 trained SunAWARE educators, 2 FT staff members, 1 PT staff member, and two consultants.

SunAWARE Program
o SunAWARE Program is provided to 100,000 children and adults annually
o SunAWARE National K-12 Curriculum meets or exceeds the Massachusetts State Frameworks, the National Common Core Curriculum, and the Next Generations Science Standards. It is available free-of-charge and may be downloaded from our website.
o Innovative technologies including a UV video camera, dermatoscope, and UV meters are utilized in school and community programs

o CMPF was instrumental in the passage of an indoor tanning ban for minors in Massachusetts in 2016.
o CMPF spearheaded a resolution proclaiming May as Skin Cancer Awareness and Detection Month in Massachusetts in 2018. The resolution recognizes Melanoma Monday (the first Monday in May) and Don’t Fry Day (the Friday before Memorial Day).

Initiatives and Partnerships
o Launched a totally redesigned website in 2018
o Successful Capital Campaign, Building Today for Tomorrow, to support build-out of new corporate office space and hiring of new staff.
o Boston Harbor Islands Initiative to train staff, visitors, and tourists, as well as provided free sunscreen and an educational bookmark.

Social Media Platforms and Handles

Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation
Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation


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